Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to The Rat's Head

This is my blog now.

I have written some others, which you can find on my profile -along with my archive of my journalistic work.

But here you will find all the stories I find interesting, and ones you might find interesting too.

Subjects you may find here include, but are not limited to: Odd, peculiar and remarkable people, strange fiction, weird science, the arts, and a (rather contrarian) fixation with the tabloid media.

Readers may be forewarned there may be a bias toward stories from Nigeria, culture, politics and its people (as I worked in Nigeria for four years and it has become part of me -like a parasite).

The name of this blog comes from the traditional end of a northern Nigerian storyteller's tale, where the teller fixes the audience with a beady eye and says "off with the rat's head". This signifies the story is over.

Because most of all there will be interesting stories here, stories that will make you look desperately for the closest human being you can find and say: "Hey! Have you heard this?"


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