Thursday, March 8, 2012

McManus and Lamolinara kidnap on Saharareporters

Saharareporters have a much more precise location for the raid: Mabera Layout in Sokoto city, Sokoto South LGA.

They're pretty confident that it was members of Boko Haram who were holding Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara.

Nigerian forces did take some of the captors alive.

The real problem will be, can we rely on any information that comes from their interrogations?

The government needs to give clear and unambiguous information about the kidnappers to the media, and the Nigerian media need to follow this information up in a thorough way.

I'm not trying to clear Boko Haram in this, just trying to flag up areas of uncertainty.

The risk is that this becomes a very foggy issue with very little reliable information that can be verified... Unfortunately par for the course in Nigeria.

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